Sound Of Fractures teases forthcoming album ‘Scenes’ with new single ‘Bubbles’

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Sound of Fractures has teased his new album ‘Scenes’ by sharing latest single ‘Bubbles’.

‘Bubbles’ models as a evocative, upbeat breaks-infused number, and contributes to the forthcoming album which is set to exist in a rather unique manner; a collaborative, web3-focused record.

“Bubbles is about the sonic connection between experiences and sound,” the artist explains. “The track started as I often do with a sample of my life; it was a day where my young kids were playing with my mum and it got me thinking about how they may not remember these moments when they grow up and how important it can be to remember not the just moment but the relationships between people in it, what they mean to each other, and how they make each other feel.

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“The excitement and pure joy of kids when they are young is a powerful thing. It brings everyone around them back to the simple pure moments they get from the simple things in life. It’s how I think people often feel in a rave too, it’s something music does for so many people; it transports us to another place mentally where we can shut out the world and let go in a way that I saw that day in the simple amazement of me chasing bubbles. So, in a way Bubbles is simply about letting ourselves feel like we are 2 years old chasing bubbles.”

The project encourages listeners to share their cherished memories and photographs in response to each track on the album, which will transform each cut into a collection of ‘Scenes’.

“Music goes beyond sound; it taps into the memories and emotions it awakens,” he continues. “‘Scenes’ gives a tangible shape to this connection and preserves it in a recognisable form for fans to own. Each song, along with its corresponding ‘Scene,’ will populate a digital gallery, serving as a record of how music intersects with life’s moments in today’s social media-driven world.”

Essentially, it appears, he is attempting to reject the commodification of music for an alternative approach: “World building involves creating connections that foster strong emotional bonds around an artist’s music. In today’s digital age, music is not just a product; it’s an entire world that fans should aspire to engage with and feel a part of.”

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The album is set to launch – alongside ‘Bubbles’, and other tracks – alongside its already existing interactive platform, set to backdrop the music. It all begins with the artwork for track ‘Willows Heartbeat’, created by listeners. In the meantime, however, you can check out ‘Bubbles’ here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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