SoundCloud account thought to be ​Aphex Twin releases two never-before-heard tracks from 2006

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Two new never-before-heard tracks have been released under user18081971, an anonymous SoundCloud account widely thought to belong to Aphex Twin.

The new tracks – ‘Short Forgotten Produk Trk Omc’ and ‘2nd Neotek Test Trac Omc’ – were both produced between 2006 and 2007 according to user18081971, released consecutively yesterday, July 27.

The description of both tracks reads the same: “as promised to people that pm’d me. made approx 2006-07,” tagged with his signature hashtag: “afx”.

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The second track released of the pair, ‘2nd Neotek Test Trac Omc’, was made using a Kawai K5m, an additive synthesiser from 1987.

user18081971 has been linked to Aphex Twin since the account’s creation in 2015, releasing tens of unheard tracks over the course of eight years. In 2020, AFX released a string of new tracks under the account in the space of a week.

Last month, Aphex Twin revealed that he would be releasing his first new music in five years via Warp in July. A four-track EP was released today, July 28, ‘Blackbox Life Recorder 21f‘, a month after the title track was released.

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The record marks his first full release since the 2018 EP ‘Collapse’, and followed fan speculation on Reddit where users speculated that a new release was on the way.

Earlier this year, Aphex Twin also revealed that he would be playing his first London show in four years this summer as a headliner at Field Day, taking place next month on August 19.

Listen to the new tracks from Aphex Twin below, ‘Short Forgotten Produk Trk Omc’ and ‘2nd Neotek Test Trac Omc’, and check out his latest EP here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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