Spotify introduces “TikTok-style” vertical scrolling

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Streaming giant Spotify has announced a new interface for its Home page, which allows users to preview audio in a TikTok style vertical scrolling feed.

Announced yesterday (March 8) on its official website via its newsroom section, the new Home page will feature three sections – music, podcasts and audiobooks – with video previews for music videos and podcasts allowing users to scroll through or choose whether to listen to the full recording.

The new feed is available now on users’ home pages, with the music, podcasts and audiobooks that users are able to scroll through being curated to tailor to their tastes and preferences.

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The statement read: “There’s so much to listen to on Spotify, and so little time. We know you don’t want to spend precious hours on titles and tracks you might not enjoy.

“Beginning today, when you open up Home on the Spotify app, you’ll find personalized, curated previews of the songs, podcasts and audiobooks you might enjoy,” it continued.

“Quickly dive into what speaks (or sings) to you, or save it for later when you need that perfect soundtrack.

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“Our data shows that more listeners become committed fans after previewing what they’re about to listen to, making this feature simply the latest update in our largest mission to create even deeper connections between artists and fans.”

Once tracks have been previewed, users are then able to save, download or share the tracks by tapping the Plus (+) icon.

The feature is available for music and podcasts in countries wherever podcasts are available on the app, with the previews for audiobooks currently available in the UK, the USA, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, with plans to expand the rollout.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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