Strath shares debut EP, ‘I Can’t Do This Without You’

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Strath has shared his debut EP, ‘I Can’t Do This Without You’.

The six-track EP comes from the Australian artist, producer and DJ following a relocation from Melbourne to LA, with its journey-like organisation and swirling euphoria feeling reminiscent of the moods and feelings arising in his day-to-day life.

It blends hip-hop and electronic music with driving drums, broken beats, atmospheric stabs and playfully pitched vocals utilised throughout to unify the body of work.

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“I made this EP in my studio apartment in the hills of Echo Park over a few months of last year,” Strath explains. “I didn’t fully then, but now I love that time of my life. I was swimming in the deep ocean with no fucking clue which way was the land. Then I stopped caring about the direction. That’s when I really started to move.

“It’s funny and sweet to think of myself in my tiny apartment, when I was figuring myself out. I’ll always be figuring myself out, but I love to remember this little flavour of it, and it’s memorialised in these songs.

“This was the most fun creative experience of my life and it was genuinely a sad day when it was finished.”

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Since his relocation to LA, Strath has been producing for artists including Channel Tres and PawPaw Rod. In a full-circle moment, his debut EP ‘I Can’t Do This Without You’ lands via Godmode, the same music company behind names inclusive of Tres.

Check out ‘I Can’t Do This Without You’ here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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