Young at Heart

Being a 1968 baby, my childhood influence was classic 70’s Disco and James Brown, then 80’s New Wave (particularly Duran Duran & Wham). 

First club experience was the result of meeting someone at a school party, who insisted they knew a place where I’d prefer the music to the grunge rock at the party.  So next thing at 16 yrs old, I’m a motorcycle passenger arriving at a 2-level underground club in town that played Mantronix to The Cure. I then discovered Yello and soon forgot about commercial pop music.

 Then other clubs soon followed (hip-hop, Chicago House, Detroit Techno, UK Rave, Garage, I went to them all, virtually every weekend when I wasn’t doing triathlons (sometimes dancing all night then on start line of a tri event)… was never sure if the dancing was tri training or the tri’s meant I was fit to dance hard out all night long…. 

Suz-EQ dancing

In 1997 I went to Europe and started a craze on Hard House then Trance and what came with it was my first illicit drug experience at age of 29.  I quit chasing triathlon in 2001 with a stint living in Sheffield, experiencing Gatecrasher and other events across in Manchester, Leeds, and London… the Berlin Love Parade, 8hr Paul van Dyk set in Munich, before heading off to work on cruise ships for 2 contracts. In between I spent 3 full months living in Ibiza in 2002… best time ever.  

Came back to NZL in 2003 and bought Technics 1200’s and learnt to DJ, playing friends parties and small private events. The digital era arrived in 2008 and I was disillusioned, so sold everything. I met my current partner that year too and he doesn’t like House Music… I got back into fitness (CrossFit and masters weightlifting but still went out dancing 1-2 x month to special events. 

In 2018 for my 50th birthday I went to Defected Croatia and was inspired by DJ’ing again, but it wasn’t until August 2021 I finally bought a controller and did Andrew’s course. It’s still very much a hobby but I love the tribe and sharing a passion for music with kindred souls.


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