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Club Ready DJ School

How I Mix Techno

This mix is an exercise in flowing between mainstream techno and more underground techno. I am good friends with the people at Volumo Record Pool and they specialise in helping budding producers, of all genres, get heard and paid for their work. Scroll down for tracks and where to find anmd at the bottom I have included links to my free mini DJ Course. 1. Smash up the Dance - […]

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Club Ready DJ School

How to DJ Quicker to AVOID CLASHES!

Learn how to DJ quicker to avoid clashes: vocals on vocals and avoid messy transitions. This is explained easily and you'll notice and instant improvement in the way you play!! Check out my free mini course - 20 free videos and documents to help you get started: Go all in and get my Club Ready DJ Course - will be the best decision you have ever made or all […]

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Club Ready DJ School

Melodic House & Techno Mix 2024 – CamelPhat, ARTBAT, Argy

First Melodic House, Techno & Progressive House Mix for the year!! This was so much fun. I was a DJ and ran clubs for close to 20 years now I teach. Check out my Club Ready DJ Course currently on sale: Want a super cool free DJ Course to help you build momentum? Includes videos on harmonic mixing, where to set cues, how to use DJ software and equipment […]

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Club Ready DJ School

5 Places in the Track PRO DJS MIX

Sick of mixing on the outro? In this video I'll give you 5 ways that you can mix up your DJ sets that will separate you as a DJ from the rest of the pack!! Sale on all my DJ Courses - ends Monday! If you want to get my free mini course with free videos on set preparation, mixing in key, where to set cues etc, go to […]

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Club Ready DJ School

Using Hot Cues to Pre Plan DJ Sets

End of Year Sale just got bigger- new bonuses just added: stem course + advanced music prep course + student challenge to build momentum for 2024. Complete Package only $175 Sick of waiting around to hear what your transition will sound like? In this video I explain how to use hot cues to jump straight to your transition points. This is not the way I would play live as […]

today27/12/2023 11

Club Ready DJ School

Best DJ Gear 2023

When choosing the Best DJ Gear for your needs you first should consider which DJ software, then if you which to use a controller (which connects to your computer), a standalone or DJ Club Equipment. If you want to check out the blog for more info, you can find it here: Check out my Club Ready DJ Course: Or my free mini course with nearly 20 free DJ […]

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Club Ready DJ School

2023 Tech House and Afro House DJ Mix

Thank you for all your support this year. This 2023 tech house and afro house dj mix is for you! Follow me on IG for more announcements / behind the scenes insights: Check out my Club Ready DJ Course currently on sale:

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Club Ready DJ School

Where DJs Find Good Music – Is Volumo the Answer?

There is no better feeling as a DJ than coming across a track you know nobody else has and nobody has heard yet. Volumo is a gold-mine for this. So if you’ve been wondering where the best places are to find and download great-quality tracks from independent artists missing from other, more well known stores, then Volumo may just be your best bet. Check out the site here:

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