The Blessed Madonna releases new single ‘Shades Of Love’

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The Blessed Madonna has released her new single ‘Shades Of Love’ featuring South African five-piece The Joy.

Like her previous releases last year – ‘Serotonin Moonbeams’ and ‘We Still Believe’ – this new house track has also been inspired by club culture.

The track itself has The Joy provide the vocal melody and harmonies with the chorus: “Everybody wants everybody needs / Different shades of love”.

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Speaking about the inception of the track, The Blessed Madonna says: “‘Shades of Love’ is about the one thing that we all truly share in common as humans. We need to be loved. That might be a different kind of love for every person but it’s still love and it’s what ties us together”

She has announced the release of the new single on social media with the clip of her playing ‘Shades Of Love’ out.

A press release alludes of “rumours” for a debut album from the artist who has spent the last two decades working with the likes of Frankie Knuckles, Fred Again.., Dua Lipa, The Chemical Brothers and many more.

Last year, The Blessed Madonna worked with electro-pop artist Uffie on the track ‘Serotonin Moonbeams’ in which she told us: “The day that it was written was a super happy day.”

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“It was just one of those days that for me is so great, when you feel pulled in a hundred different directions in a good way,” she explained adding that: “Uffie is so amazing, she came in in one of those big amazing fur coats, and she had a ball gown in her bag and she pulled it out and put it on. She’s just incredible.”

Listen to The Blessed Madonna’s new single ‘Shades Of Love’ below.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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