The Cover Mix: Ivy Lab

today21/11/2022 36

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Ivy Lab are on the cover of Mixmag. Listen to the Cover Mix below and read the cover feature here

“Our productions have been navigating a cultural crossroad for a few years now, but our DJ sets have been slightly behind that curve. With this latest album having just been revealed, I guess we’re using this moment to commit to a more full-bodied embrace of our mellowing palette. “

mix”The mix is 100% Ivy Lab music; some of it being LP offcuts, some of it being music we thought was a little too dark to feature in our latest season of releases, and then a bunch of barely fleshed out demos we’re keen to acid test before we furnish them with finishing touches (or not as the case may be !)”

Ivy Lab – Dogma (Infinite Falling Ground) [TW/TW LONDON]
Syd – Body (Ivy Lab’s TW/TW Bootleg) [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Ivy Lab – Untitled [UNRELEASED]
Ivy Lab – Low Risk Offer [TW/TW LONDON]
Ivy Lab – Late Night Fit [TW/TW LONDON]
Ivy Lab – Untitled [UNRELEASED]
Ivy Lab – Stacked [TW/TW LONDON]
Ivy Lab – Touch & Go [TW/TW LONDON]
Flume – Say Nothing feat. May-A (Ivy Lab Vocal Mix) [FUTURE CLASSIC]
Ivy Lab – Everythingmustchange [TW/TW LONDON]
Ivy Lab – Our Time [TW/TW LONDON]
Ivy Lab – Untitled [UNRELEASED]
Ivy Lab – Blonde [TW/TW LONDON]
Ivy Lab – Stars [TW/TW LONDON]
Ivy Lab – Balaclava [TW/TW LONDON]
Ivy Lab – Untitled [UNRELEASED]
Ivy Lab – Candle Song [TW/TW LONDON]
Ivy Lab – Boyfriend Jeans [TW/TW LONDON]
Ivy Lab – Q.Nix [TW/TW LONDON]
Ivy Lab – Together plus Mute [TW/TW LONDON]
Ivy Lab – Pain [TW/TW LONDON]
Ivy Lab – Untitled [UNRELEASED]
Ivy Lab – Cognac [TW/TW LONDON]
Ivy Lab – Celeste [TW/TW LONDON]
Ivy Lab – Untitled [UNRELEASED]
Ivy Lab – Merlot [TW/TW LONDON]

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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