The Cover Mix: Peach

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Peach is on the cover of Mixmag. Read the cover feature here and listen to her exclusive Cover Mix below

“With this mix, I’ve been very inspired by a specific uplifting yet rolling sound that I’ve only been able to categorize in my efforts of organization as “forward feeling”. Its a sound and a feeling that has always been a feature in my sets, and doesn’t necessarily feel tied to a genre. Recently I’ve been digging for it more and finding a lot of fun and happiness when I play it out. It feels like the moment of when you’re surrounded by friends and locked into a groove and the crowd is dancing together as one. Diving deeper into this sound has been a process that I’ve really enjoyed and this mix captures some of my favourites of this sound to play in a club at the moment. Hope you enjoy x.”

Stephen Lopkin – Gravity Assist
Pilgrims of the Mind – Loosejaw
Tingz – Inna Reality
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Seven – Seven.0 Mix
Seven – Seven.3 Mix
K.G.B. – Detroit 909
Dj franco – Trax Bzares
Nico Awtsventin – Starchild
Wishbone – Have Some Fun
Braun – Slipstream
Centurus – Definitive
Mac zimms – Far Out Slam
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The Anxius – Everybody

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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