The Cover Mix: rRoxymore

today28/11/2022 18

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rRoxymore is on the cover of Mixmag. Read the cover feature here and listen to her exclusive Cover Mix below

“As a DJ, I have been more and more interested to play more percussive-based tracks, giving me more freedom to navigate genres. But recently, I have got the chance to muscle up my game a bit more on some techno dancefloors, and I really enjoy playing with this kind of energy. So this podcast is a bit of a reflection of these experiences. The track selection contains some unreleased tracks of mine and others.”

Croatian Amor – 5:00 am Fountain
Harba – Purple Pylons V1 (Unreleased)
JR2k – S&B Combo (Unrealesed)
Aa Sudd – QPP
Otik – Sometimes The Nights Last For Months
Quixosis- Burundanger 2 (Cando remix)
Son of Philip – Raleigh Banana
Panzer – Dyslecta
SOBOLIK_phones out (airplane mode) (Unreleased)
Oskar Knickelbein – Rio
Isaiah – Usually
Kanyon – 9.12 CONGA MIX
Bambounou – Same Day Delivery
Bekkler- Backhaus
Avernian – Power Stance
Bitter Babe – Nadie lo puede parar
Cosvar – Piele De Metal (Demo)
rRoxymore – Arpa ( Unreleased)
Hngwy-.Item Select (Unreleased)
dj jm – shoplifting (Unreleased)

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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