The Cover Mix: Shygirl

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Shygirl is on the cover of Mixmag. Read the cover feature here and listen to his exclusive Cover Mix below

“The first Club Shy was held in [East London strip club] Metropolos. I would find that I think I am too shy to even go to a strip club. I was like, fuck it, if I do it myself, I can get over that, finally! They also have a certain glamour in my mind. The venues are really important to me when I am thinking about where we’re going to do the different Club Shy parties. They are a big part of that experience, and I’m a kid in a candy store, basically. I am just picking what I think would be the best in my imagination.

“When I am thinking about the club nights, it’s an experiment. I think the only way that I can move forward with confidence and not, like, anxiety about anyone actually coming [to Club Shy parties] is just be like ‘oh, it’s an experiment!’ I also realised I wasn’t even going out clubbing anymore. Part of it was that I was like, fuck, I’m not going out at all, because I am always on stage or whatever. If I’m in control of who is coming, it gave me a bit more power. I can let loose and rediscover the club in a different way through the events, and there’s DJs that I’ve heard and I didn’t get the chance to see, and this way I could actually book them and put them on and meet them. It’s kind of how most club promoters end up being promoters because it’s like glorified meet and greets.

“My love for a remix comes from my DJ background. It definitely comes from the reality of being in a lot of clubs! This means I always want to hear different versions of my world. Especially when I was making the album ‘Nymph’, I was thinking more about the radio and how my music might sound on there. So then having that opportunity to make ‘Nymph_o’ and expand what those tracks were capable of was amazing. Sometimes when you’re making a project, it’s so condensed and it’s so in line in terms of how everything complements each other. And then when you make a remix, it’s purely about the singular world of that track.”

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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