The KLF have launched a new website, “KLF KARE”

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British electronic duo the KLF AKA the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu AKA The JAMs AKA the Timelords, comprising of Bill Drummound and Jimmy Cauty, have launched a new website called “KLF Kare”.

The new website features three sections titled KLIP, TRAK and VIBE, respectively featuring a video, Tony ‘FUUK’ Thorpe’s ‘Everybody’s Talkin At Me (Live from the After-Life Party premix)’ of Harry Nilsson which includes the late Ricardo da Force and an advertisement for KLF KARE, which is described as a “multinational franchise that provides branding solutions for independently owned care homes.”

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Thorpe’s remix is celebrated as the winner of the first ever “Kareovision Kristmas Song Kontest”, a competition for the over-65 residents of KLF KARE homes. The same track was prophesied as 2023’s Christmas number one in the KLF book 2023: A Trilogy, which was published in 2017.

The advertisement appeals to those who think they’re “older than [they] thought [they] would ever be”, stating that if, at heart, you’re still “an… Indie Kid or a… Death Metal Head… or a… Punks not Deader… or a… Proper Head (Dead or not) or just a… Raver to the Grave” then you may be interested in KLF KARE, where “the sun keeps shining, through the pouring rain.”

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The KLF, the world’s biggest selling singles act in 1991, are famous for their controversial stunts, such as firing machine gun blanks into the audience before quitting the music industry, or burning one million pounds of cash and deleting their entire back catalogue.

Visit the new KLF website here

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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