The UK’s favourite city for a night out has been revealed, according to study

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Newcastle upon Tyne has been crowned the UK’s favourite city for a night out, according to a new study from Get Licensed.

The study, which tallies up a number of rankings from the average price of a pint to the safety of each city, placed Newcastle top with a score of 8.19 out of 10.

London was ranked lowest out of all UK cities for a night out with the highest price point for a pint and a low safety ranking amongst those walking home at night.

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The top five cities on the list also include York with a score of 8.14, Warrington with a score of 8.01, Telford with a score of 7.65, and Edinburgh with a score of 7.63.

The rankings suggest the “most loved” cities for a night out across the UK based on statistics such as the average price of a pint, which ranges drastically across the top 10 cities.

Both Norwich and Cambridge, which land at sixth and seventh in the top 10 respectively, have the highest average pint price at £5.68. The lowest was in Wigan, priced at £2.56 on average, making it the “best city for drinking” in the UK.

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The study also looked into the number of clubs and bars across the UK and the safety of each city based on clubbers’ worries of being mugged, assaulted, threats of hate crimes, or how safe they feel while walking home at night.

Shropshire’s Telford scored highest for its safety levels with just 3% of clubbers feeling worried about being assaulted due to hate crime, and 23% worried about being robbed or mugged.

Other cities amongst the lowest ranking for a night out in the UK include Coventry, Southend-on-Sea, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Luton, and Preston.

Read the full study here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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