The Warehouse Project warn attendees of “Blue Punisher” MDMA pills

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The Warehouse Project has urged its attendees to be cautious of extra strength “Blue Punisher” pills that are currently in circulation around Manchester.

The bright blue ecstasy pills, stamped with the logo from Marvel’s The Punisher, were seized at WHP and tested by the MANDRAKE drug analysis lab at Manchester Metropolitan University.

The Warehouse Project has had on-site drug testing since 2013 and works closely with MADRAKE to warn its attendees of potentially dangerous substances found at its parties.

The Manchester-based club night warned its attendees over the “Blue Punisher” pill via a post on Twitter.

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“WARNING. Reports of Blue Punisher Pills having strong effects,” the post reads. “”

WHP also shared a map of The Depot, promising attendees a “non-judgemental and safe space” in its welfare and medical areas.

Last year, Vice reported that the strongest ecstasy pill ever found in the UK had been discovered at an unidentified Manchester nightclub. The pills found were also blue and stamped with the Punisher logo.

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MANDRAKE tested the pills after they were found at a club in the city, concluding their dosage as the strongest ever found in the country — reportedly containing between 477mg of MDMA.

The normal dose for an MDMA pill is around 80-120mg.

Are you heading to The Warehouse Project soon? Familiarise yourself with the welfare and medical areas at The Depot below to keep you and your friends safe and raving.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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