‘This Is Just A Dream’, claims Disfreq’s latest offering

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Disfreq have shared their new single ‘This Is Just A Dream’ to complete their namesake EP, available via Three Six Zero Recordings.

Joining ‘Purely From Instinct’ and ‘People’, the record contributes further to the progressive, club-focused sound being carved out by the Irish duo, with the latest cut particularly boasting a euphoric leading synth and ethereal vocal chops intertwined amongst its driving drums.

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‘This Is Just A Dream’ is accompanied by a documentary, in effort to cement the sentiment behind its title. It contrasts the “peaceful normality” of life with being a touring DJ duo, often glamourised in the era of social media. Check it out below:

“The three tracks were made not as an EP but individually with some space in between each project, so it was not intended to be so fitting regarding the vocals / titles when talking about the mini documentary; it was random but quite fitting,” they explain. “We are ordinary ‘People’, we make music ‘Purely From Instinct’, and it’s ‘Just A Dream’ we are living in. It just so happened that the titles really lined up to who we are, what we do and how we feel.

“We are not a social media act or influencers by any means and in such a media-fuelled world and environment we live in nowadays, we decided to shine a light on the normal day-to-day basic life we live from Monday to Friday — the place we make our music and the small town of Moville, Co.Donegal.”

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‘This Is Just A Dream’ EP by Disfreq is available now, check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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