Toumba makes Hessle Audio debut with EP ‘Petals’

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Producer, DJ and sound designer Toumba has revealed his debut on the renowned Hessle Audio with four-track EP, ‘Petals’.

Based in Amman, Jordan, the record explores Levantine rhythms, timbres, playing styles and microtonality allowing for a sonic deepdive into the Jordanian culture.

Whilst the full EP is released on February 3 next year, lead track ‘Istibtan’ is available now, which is an intriguing twist on a typical Jordanian wedding song with foundations of deep subs to boot.

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‘Petals’ rides on a heavy swing, a feature unique to music from southern Jordan, with the flip side showcasing ‘Hazzeh’ and ‘Identity Crisis’. The former deconstructs traditional Dabkeh, and the latter offers elating melodies – all in the Maqam Rast style – played in an unconventional way.

“I think this release is much more than just an individual milestone, it’s also a great step towards giving Middle Eastern producers, DJs, and creatives the recognition they deserve,” Toumba explained. “I’m hoping this release will contribute to shining a spotlight on the amazing work being produced in the region.”

“This is a huge milestone for me and I can’t thank @ben___ufo, @pearsonsound and @pangaea_dj enough for their support and for wanting to release my music,” he continued in his Instagram announcement post.

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Alongside his three aformentioned roles, Toumba is a curator at MNFA, an arts and club space in Jordan’s capital Amman, and he also holds a residency at the MMAG Foundation. Key in offering a creative space for artistic research, production and critical discourse, the foundation works with a selection of the “most gifted” artists in the Levant region.

You can stream Toumba’s lead single from his forthcoming EP ‘Petals’ here, with the full record available on February 3.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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