Tresor celebrate 350th catalog with a 13-track compilation, ‘yet’

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Tresor has announced a 13-track V/A compilation in celebration of reaching its 350th catalog number, entitled ‘yet’.

Set to be released on April 28 via digital and streaming or 3xLP, it takes a deeper dive into more explorative territories which the label and its dancefloor has been celebrating of late.

The record therefore showcases those who, as the club state, produce music which “resists easy definition”, with both Tresor mainstays and newcomers getting involved in the record.

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“In English, the word ‘yet’ has the ability to morph into different contexts therefore being a fitting title for this selection of tracks,” the club explains.

Those involved include Nandele & A-Tweed, DJ Sotofett, Jean Redondo, Ireen Amnes and more. NVST’s track, ‘Heatstress (Tunnel Edition)’ is available now upon pre-ordering the record, employing stabbing and squelching synth sounds throughout before off-kilter kick drums rise to the forefront.

Tresor have also shared a trailer for the full V/A, to animate the celestial, psychedelic artwork curated by Malik Arbab to embody the sounds present on the album:

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“As a label and club with more than 30 years of history and an ever-growing community, we get a lot of music sent to us that is often a challenge to balance, as we want people to get to hear so much more than we can release,” Tresor tells Mixmag. “We’ve been in conversation with most of the artists on the new “yet” compilation for a long time, exchanging musical ideas and entering their sonic worlds; so it finally felt necessary to find a place and concept that would embrace it all.

“This 350th release is a chance to take another step out of what some would call “the Tresor sound” and showcase the new musical diversity that can also be heard within the walls of the Kraftwerk building in Köpenicker Str. these days. Familiar yet unknown, ‘yet’ is a melting pot of the musical styles that sprout from the soil that Tresor helped plant 30 years ago, a journey through sound, always stepping into the future.”

You can pre-order ‘yet’ now, do so here. Upon purchasing, you will get access to the first single from the record, NVST’s ‘Heatstress (Tunnel Edition)’.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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