TRYM shares pumping techno EP ‘Trinity’ via Exhale

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TRYM has shared his new EP, ‘Trinity’, via Amelie Lens’ Exhale.

For the label’s first ever artist release, the Parisian DJ and producer blends powerful techno and trance soundscapes with a “personality-mirroring” three tracker packed with euphoria and dancefloor-oriented punches.

The opening titular track consists of industrial rhythms colliding with melodic runs and constructed, ethereal vocals, with Amelie Lens’ flipping the record in her remix.

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She centres her rendition around groove-infused drum beats, percussive sequences and analogue touches, creating a story-like narrative through its sequenced layering.

The EP closes on ‘Beyond Light’, which glides between vocally-led techno segments and trance-infused transitions to close the EP in TRYM’s stereotypically energetic manner.

“’Trinity’ really came out of my mind in a few days during a particular period for me where I needed to be alone with my music,” he explains to Mixmag. “Each of these tracks relieved me from something as I was writing them and when I listen to them again today I can feel these emotions and memories. It’s a bit like sharing my secret box with the public.”

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Six years on from beginning his endeavours in electronic music, ‘Trinity’ lands as TRYM’s first release of 2023. Having played shows at Awakenings, and set to play Rotterdam Rave plus gigs across Europe and beyond, he’s labelhead of imprint ‘COLOR’ which has released two digital V/As thus far.

TRYM’S EP ‘Trinity’ is available now, get it here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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