TT label welcomes back ex.sses with new EP ‘undo me’

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ex.sses has returned to label TT to share full-length EP, ‘undo me’.

Not defined by genre, ‘undo me’ comprises of six expansive, galvanising soundscapes which brim with emotion built upon yearning and loss.

“‘undo me’ is a reflection on loss, intimacy and yearning,” ex.sses tells Mixmag. “I feel there is an unresolved and chaotic tension in the tracks which reflects my own journey. The landscape of the sound was built around the idea of two bodies attempting to come together but always moving just out of reach.

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“The track ‘undo me’ is the core of the EP; I collaborated with an incredible vocalist, Bonnie, whose operatic vocal range really underpins the energy of the whole work.”

“We’re really excited to have been entrusted once again by ex.sses, this time to share a full-length release,” adds label manager maya vika. “As an artist they embody everything that we like to reflect in our work as a label.

“Rather than being defined by a particular genre / sound, TT has always focused on acting as the best tool for platforming artists that apply a unique perspective to their music. For example, ex.sses, who takes a highly personal approach to their output, defined by a determination to stay true to crafting their own sound.

“We wanted to reflect the intimate and physical aspect that defines this release by adding a tangible element to the drop. This includes an intricate illustrated merch piece (a collab between our art director Josh Crumpler & Steph) & a release party at Ormside on November 8 which will feature a live performance of the EP and other artists from the extended TT friends and fam.”

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‘undo me’ by ex.sses is available now via TT, check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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