VARNA GL shares single ‘IDDORARPI’ taken from forthcoming album

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VARNA GL has shared her new single, ‘IDDORARPI’, which is inspired by her feelings about living as a creative globally, away from her native Greenland.

In the cut VARNA GL interlaces her skills of drums, dance and performance art by weaving whispering vocals into the electronica-driven cut to curate a distinctive sci-fi atmosphere. Added sound effects of trickling water and percussives cement VARNA GL’s experimental approach to her art, which embody her ancestral heritage.

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With its Greenlandic lyrics, VARNA GL expresses as an Inuit and citizen of the modern world, expressing feelings of alienation.

Topics included within the track, in the artist’s words, draw upon feeling “overwhelmed and inspired by the big city which is now my new home. Feeling unfamiliar at the same time is a huge push towards growth.”

“A majority of Inuit in Greenland have temporarily lost connection to our ancient tradition as lived practice,” VARNA GL explains on the inspiration behind her musical project and forthcoming album (with its release date TBA). “A consequence of extreme ‘development’ based on non-Inuit cultural values and way of life has left people to prioritise different ways in order to survive. This system was never built for us; we are sucking the energy out of ourselves trying to constantly translate for someone else.

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“We need to look within as a people, listen to ourselves and trust that we can reconnect and revive in all aspects. We need to stand together, to set a new course that we believe in. Personally I know, the drum is one way for connection and healing.

“We are resilient people, and I truly believe reviving our ancient ways in a fluid and engaged way has strong potential to attune us to our bodies, mind and each other as a part of nature and spiritual beings. We can let go, re-build, and choose to consciously nourish the practices and energy that moves us forward.”

VARNA GL – ‘IDDORARPI’ is available now, check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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