Vinyl distributor and record store Unearthed Sounds will close this month

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Dorset-based vinyl distributor and record store, Unearthed Sounds, has announced it will be closing at the end of the month.

In a statement sent to customers, the electronic music specialist cited Brexit, COVID and the Cost Of Living Crisis as contributing factors to its closure — noting that the challenges were “not unique” and that “various players in the music industry” are also affected by Brexit, COVID and the cost of living crisis.

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The statement continues that the cost of living crisis was “the final straw” as the distributor explains: “When the cost of living rises, individuals have less disposable income available for non-essential purchases like vinyl. Retailers and distributors alike face challenges in convincing consumers that the value and experience of physical media justify the price. Unfortunately, as shops feel the pinch so do we.”

Unearthed Sounds’ statement ends: “Despite the closure of Unearthed Sounds, we hope the music community continues to evolve and find ways to connect artists, labels, and music enjoyers. We will miss you all, it’s been a hell of a ride.”

Running in the seaside town of Poole since 2014, Unearthed Sounds has been highlighting a spectrum of music genres for almost a decade.

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As its website explains, the company is made up of a mix of record collectors, DJs, producers, label owners and promoters.

On top of distributing music, Unearthed regularly shared DJ sets on its YouTube as well as premieres of new music.

Unearthed Sounds will be operating like normal until July 31.

Read the full statement from Unearthed Sounds here — including who to contact around orders as well as other UK-based distributors to use instead.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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