Warning issued over super-strength “ToR” pills circulating in Manchester

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The MANDRAKE Lab has issued a warning on Twitter, alerting people in Manchester about a batch of neon-green pills, embossed with “ToR”, that reportedly contain two and a half times to common oral dose of MDMA.

Crew, a Scottish drugs safety organisation, state that a light dose ranges from 45-75 milligrams MDMA per tablet whereas a common dose is between 75-140 milligrams of MDMA per tablet.

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MANDRAKE is an organisation based at Manchester Metropolitan University, specialising in the chemical analysis of drugs circulating in the northwestern city.

Two years prior to its most recent announcement, the organisation had discovered the world’s strongests MDMA pill on record, the “Blue Punisher”, which contained 477 mg of pure MDMA. According to, taking even half of this pill would be risky.

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The Student News team at University of Manchester have listed a number of ways to ensure that alumnis at the university can take drugs safely, including using free and anonymous drug testing kits available on campus, keeping an eye on the MANDRAKE’s drug alerts and using Eclypse, a free and confidential service for Manchester-based young people aged 25 and under who are concerned about their own or somebody else’s drug use.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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