Watch Carl Cox’s “surreal” virtual reality set with Sensorium Galaxy

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Carl Cox has ventured into the Sensorium Galaxy to perform a virtual DJ set.

The show, titled Intermundium, went live on Friday (October 27) with a digiverse Carl Cox avatar known as Coxy 2.0 on the ones and twos.

Set in PRISM, the centre of the virtual world, Cox played a 30-minute-long set featuring self-written and produced tracks.

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Intermundium refers to the space between dimensions with the show including futuristic structures.

Created using cutting edge technology, Sensorium Galaxy used the formats of 2D streaming, VR-360 and full-fledged VR.

Speaking on the project Carl Cox said: “The journey into Sensorium Galaxy with my Intermundium show was surreal at times.”

He added: “Once the avatar was created I was watching what I call Coxy 2.0 reacting in real time to my music and at the same time seeing the technological developments that allows the virtual environment to move to the same beat. I could see that the virtual world can sit nicely alongside the physical which is where Intermundium came from – it means the space between worlds”.

Cox explained: “The Sensorium team had a clear vision – I guess their surreal moment came when while all the technology and design was developing that we decided that we’d like the show to be free to access in 2D and VR. After all, if we are meant to be trailblazers opening up this new world then we’d want to bring as many ‘explorers’ with us as we can!”

Sasha Tityanko, Deputy CEO and Art Director at Sensorium says: “Into this new digital realm, creative possibilities appear endless, and the digital sky is the only limit. That is just the beginning of our journey.”

Alon Shulman, Carls manager said: “Carl has always been someone who is known for pushing the whole electronic music industry forward. He’s known as a pioneer and someone who does things first and that spirit never stops.”

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Shulman continues: “I’m supposed to make the impossible possible but with Carl’s energy most things are possible so it a case of doing things in the best way for everyone and that is why we decided that the biggest barrier to remove would be the cost to participate.

“We felt that if we could come to the digital table with a show that would cost nothing for people to enjoy while allowing Sensorium to showcase their technology we’d be opening another door. The scene has come a long long way since the days of a couple of record boxes and a warehouse and clearly we still have a long and enjoyable journey ahead,” he concludes.

Check out behind the scenes images of the creation of Intermundium below as well as Cox’s full set with Sensorium Galaxy.

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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