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Why Beats Drift Apart on CDJS


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Why Beats Drift Apart on CDJS

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Tracks used in this video:
Palm Strings – Bart Skils, Weska
Keep on Flying – Gockel

This playlist is super cool to practise this exercise on as I found the BPMS fluctuated a lot. Mastering the below set really honed my skills, you can also watch it here:

1. Smash up the Dance – Benji303, Geezer:

2. Overdrive – Charlotte de Witte

3. Mirazh – Thomas Schumacher, A.D.H.S.

4. When I Push – Layton Giordani, Eli Brown, OFFAIAH

5. Fall in Love – Lily Palmer

6. Palm Strings – Bart Skils, Weska

7. Keep on Flying – Gockel

8. Like How you Do It – Tenser

9. Paradise – HI-LO, Danny Avila (ES)

10. Aksijan – Thomas Schumacher, A.D.H.S.

11. Venus – Jay Lumen

12. Hypnotic Trance – Alosoul, Maurice Burgbacher

13. Wiimbo – Heerhorst

14. Look What (Alberto Ruiz 80Monster Remix) – Dubsy

15. Imagine – Mark Reeve

16. Gravity – Space 92

17. Caronte – Yuuta

18. Drop it Down – Joyhauser, Eli Brown

19. Inside – Daniel Sbert, NRICO

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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