Why younger ravers are embracing earplugs

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Revolutionising the way we think about earplugs, is Loop. Merging style with functionality, Loop is designed to be seen. “Our award-winning design teams are inspired by jewellery, wearable tech, and fashion accessories,” Dimitri O, co-founder of Loop tells me. Offering earplugs in eye-catching colours and metals, Loop challenges the idea that hearing protection is something to hide. “The key factors driving customers to choose and buy Loops are our design, style, vibrant colours, and versatility” Dimitri revealed.

Launching its first earplug in 2018, Loop now stocks a range of earplugs for personal use. Offering noise reduction from 16 – 25 dB, Loop can be used anywhere from at home to the office to festival grounds. With a content strategy based around de-stigmatising hearing protection, Loop works with influencers, DJs and festivals, spreading awareness directly from within the community. Using social platforms to educate young ravers about the risks of hearing loss from loud sound exposure, Loop is successfully propelling the conversation forward into the cultural psyche of rave content online.

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One such supporter is 26-year-old Coco Bevan, a DJ, vocalist, and content creator from Australia. On the importance of fashion, Coco told me: “I am no stranger to putting my outfit at the top of a priority list for a night out”, adding that the Loop earplugs she uses are “sparkly and sleekly designed, which makes them fun to style with my outfits.” Support from voices within the community, such as Coco’s, is helping to place earplugs into the limelight. “Wearing earplugs has genuinely become the new social norm!” Coco says. “And it really has taken off within the past year.” Interestingly, the raver and DJ reckons the youth are leading the way. “The younger demographic are the ones wearing them the most, and that is what’s pushing earplugs to be cool.”

Though Loop earplugs are for people of all ages, Dimitri revealed the company’s “main supporters” are Gen Z and millennials, suggesting that young people could be at the forefront of changing attitudes towards earplugs. “We can see this on festival grounds, where the number of festivalgoers sporting earplugs visibly increases each summer.” Revealing that Loop has seen a global increase in the awareness and demand for hearing protection, Dimitri adds:“The mindset is shifting, and Loop is proud to play a role in this behavioural change.”

Also on a mission to educate Gen Z about hearing protection from within the rave community is Sets. Founded in New Zealand, the passion project turned earplug brand was started by 27-year-old best friends Grace and Em. Inspired by their experiences with tinnitus and dangerously loud gigs, Grace and Em recognised a need for an attractive product. Sets are made by ravers for ravers, targeting Gen Z through a carefully curated brand that is both playful and sincere. Sets’ online content ranges from tongue-in-cheek infomercial-style videos to casual clips of the founders themselves partying under captions like “me and my friends wear earplugs to festivals.” Combining the powers of sleek, stylish, rave-inspired branding, and a cheeky sense of humour, Sets are nailing it. “Enjoy your night out, with no more ringing and no more damage. Practice safe Sets,” says one informative video.

ACS has also expanded its range of colours to appeal to the fashion-conscious, but above all else, the mission is about protecting people’s ears, Jone tells me. He says the decision to wear earplugs is rooted in an understanding of the risks associated with prolonged exposure to loud music and ACS continues to work with charities such as Musicians UK, Tinnitus UK, Musicians Union, and the Nighttime Industries Association to promote awareness.

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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