X-Coast shares new single ‘Marathon Man’


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X-Coast has shared his new single, ‘Marathon Man’, via Higher Ground.

The track is a nostalgic, early noughties inspired house-meets-rave tool, feeding into the Serbian-born, NYC-based artist’s sonic identity embodying European rave culture from the ’90s and beyond.

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“While writing ‘Marathon Man’, I was inspired by a mix my friend recorded in 2003 at Paradiso Club in Novi Sad, Serbia,” he explains. He was mixing this beautiful melody in with a very percussion-driven tribal techno (basically what we call hardgroove today), and it struck me. I needed to write a track like this.

“The chords with added pitch bend are on the edge of being off-key, and that’s where the magic is. The overall result is an optimistic feeling as if we were preparing for a big sports competition, like the Olympics… hence the name.”

Musical project of Bojan Cizmic, X-Coast takes a DIY approach from the beginning and throughout: from self-directed videos, after-afterparties at a Serbian flea market, a very specific 3D internet art aesthetic and genre weaving releases, Cizmic perceives X-Coast as “an island and he serves it as its human hosts. There have been multiple “sightings” of other hosts, like the clones that show up at his DJ sets or the “older version” of Cizmic, who appears in his “House It Up” video,” reads a press release.

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‘Marathon Man’ by X-Coast is available now, check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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