Yamaha releases new keyboard Montage M

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The audio equipment powerhouse Yamaha has introduced an upgraded version of its admired Montage workstation.

The Montage M, which comes in three forms (M8x, M7 and M6), boasts a new AN-X engine, which the company describes as a “revolution in authentic analog sound, control and behaviour”. The audio engine recreates the warmth of an analog synthesiser while providing modern and sophisticated modulation.

The M8x, M7 and M6 differ in size, with the keyboards offering 88, 76 and 61 keys respectively, but all offer three audio engines, motion control and a seamless bridge between stage and studio workflows with computer connectivity and integration.

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The keyboard comprises three oscillators, each armed with five waveforms and a noise generator, two filters with 10 filter types, pulse width modulation, oscillator self sync, ring modulation, FM and wave shaper, amp EG with drive, LFOs for both amplitude and filter cutoff plus voltage drift emulation and ageing settings which simulate vintage synth behaviour.

Upgrades from the original Montage include an extra 144 notes of polyphony, twice the overall memory, with both preset wave memory and user flash memory increased, and new performance controls.

One of the new additions is polyphonic aftertouch, where users can individually modulate held notes with pressure. Other new performance controls include a five-segment ribbon controller with a dedicated hold button, a keyboard hold button for chord sustaining and an on/off button for Portamento with a dedicated time knob.

The Montage M is geared towards live shows with its part and scene keyboard control buttons which can run 16 parts per performance.

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Yamaha promises a more fluid creative process with its new keyboard, stating that workflow and navigation is faster and more intuitive with the expanded softsynth plugin replicating the Montage M in digital audio workstations like Ableton, FL Studio and Logic.

To promote the new workstation, Yamaha have enlisted keyboard craftsmen such as Greg Phillinganes, Matt Johnson, Manuele Montesanti and Pontus Persson to test out its latest bit of kit.

You can order the Montage M at your nearest selected Yamaha dealer, which can be found using its Dealer Locator here

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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