You can now play a “Business Techno” board game

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A new board game, ‘Business Techno: The Game’ has been created by the teams behind Poland’s Up To Date Festival and FOMO club.

Using a Monopoly-style setup – which challenges players to try and build a musical empire through trading ‘techno properties’ – the creators behind the game hope to encourage some dialogue around the industry of dance music.

Cities featured in the game include Berlin, Ibiza, Dubai, Detroit, London and Bialystok – the Polish town where the creators’ soon-to-be closed venue FOMO, and the festival is located. Each location has different real-world venues, events, and references for each area.

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Players use ‘Techno Coin’ to pay for social media and followers, as well as buy content – to ultimately reach the status of ‘Techno-Influencer’.

A tongue in cheek promotional video asks: “Do you want to have a blast every weekend? Do you want to sip champagne 140BPM and faster? Do you want to become an afterparty veteran? “

It continued: “Stop being a bedroom DJ, become a premium product. You will never need a guest list anymore. You will never have to leave the afters anymore.

“Think big. Go global. Be techno.”

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The people behind the board game also announced that FOMO, their venue in Bialystok, has closed. Their final event took over the weekend (November 26). In an Instagram post, they said: “From the very beginning, FOMO is a conceptual, artistic space, built on strong philosophical foundations. All these words with which we started our great adventure together in 2020, ring even more powerful and relevant today.

“FOMO is closing in its current form,” they continued. “Quality till the end.”

Up To Date’s 2022 edition took place between September 2 and September 4, with a line-up featuring the likes of Chloé Robinson, Ceephax Acid Crew, Jerome Hill B2B Sunil Sharpe, LCY, Horse Meat Disco and Claudio PRC.

Purchase ‘Business Techno: The Game’ here

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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