yourboykiran announces monthly EP releases, shares first of the series ‘Open 4 Big Tunes’

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yourboykiran has shared the first EP in a series of monthly releases, ‘Open 4 Big Tunes’.

This first release has an emphasis on Baile funk, one of many soundscapes enjoyed by the DJ, producer, radio host and member of management behind South Asian collective Daytimers. Forthcoming releases in the EP series are set to cover UK Funky, dubstep, UKG, 160, breaks and Jersey Club.

“I’ve always really enjoyed the concept of something being fun, but fundamentally very well executed, and that’s what I’m trying to do with these releases,” he explains.

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Opening track ‘Baile Wobble’ combines influences of UK Funky, dubstep, and Baile funk. “It’s heavy, it’s wobbly, it’s a gunfinger tune,” Kiran notes. “It’s so wonderfully wobbly and definitely one of my favourite tracks to make!”

Second track ‘Body Slammin’ continues its groove-laden rhythms, building on the fusion of a Middle-Eastern inspired sample plus Baile funk, with the track having started life in a studio with collaborators Bianca Oblivion and Patrick. One moment of note, Kiran highlights, was the finished cut being played at a Baile LDN event:

“A squad did a choreographed dance to it: couldn’t even describe my happiness to see something like that happen! Also, the levels of sauce; I’m no choreographer but can confirm that’s a dance…”

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The EP’s artwork is even carefully thought out, with the visual presentation representing Kiran as an extension of the music within: “The idea behind the artwork for these releases comes from my relationship with socials,” he concludes. “I’ve found that the only way I can survive socials is if I shitpost. I don’t like posting, but if I do, I might as well have some fun with it. The album covers follow a similar idea – I could have something created for it, but I actually had more fun recreating some of my favourite memes, Vines and TikToks.”

‘Open 4 Big Tunes’ by yourboykiran is available now. Check it – and its artwork – out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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