Zequenx in The Lab Goa

today22/03/2023 27

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Born in Kashmir, raised in Chiangmai, Thailand and currently based in New Delhi, Zequenx relies on her many cultural influences to accentuate her tastes and guide her through the expression of self as an artist, sculpting a space for those who love the rave.

Her musical philosophy is to create a journey that allows the listener to step outside of their mind for a moment and traverse through dark, psychedelic soundscapes. Zequenx has been learning the intricacies of music production for the past 4 years now. Whether its acid, electro, various forms of techno or experimental music, she dives in head first to deliver a truly immersive experience for her fellow listeners.

She has recently released music with Regenerate, Digital Diaspora Records, 22.2 and FOL Records. Performed at festivals like Boxout Weekender, Hilltop Festival, Far Out Left Festival & Earthen. A regular at New Delhi’s premier venue for electronic music, Auro Kitchen and Bar, Zequenx has warmed up for legends like DJ Stingray, Carl Finlow, Lena Willikens, Meggy and Daria Kolosova to name a few.

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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