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We are a global family of professional DJs and producers who share a serious passion for dance music. From Tech House to Techno; Afro House to Drum & Bass; we love it all and we want to share our sounds and skills with you.

Our journey started [and continues] in broadcasting, but we love throwing awesome events too. Club Ready Radio’s talent roster can always be found playing at large events or intimate venues alike; taking our passion to the clubs, festivals, and dancefloors worldwide. Could yours be next?

Daz Jones aka DJ By Name - Resident DJ


Let’s face it, an event that isn’t promoted well will fail 100% of the time. By utilising our huge network of broadcasting expertise, connections, and marketing capability around the world, as well as our app, you can push messaging and updates through to our rapidly expanding user base.  Simply put, we have your event covered.

Our reputation is built on our community ethos; the support, trust, loyalty, and professionalism we put into everything we do, for you and each other.

All of this will come with the free promotion package when you use Club Ready for your event or even one of our highly skilled professional DJs.

Josh Marshall Aka DJ moo, Manchester

Funk My Life Event , The Ivory, Harrogate

Our dj community

Club Ready DJ’s are based in every corner of the planet. Spanning over 50 countries from the UK to Australia we can throw a party on any continent. All our DJ’s are not only experienced, but trained to an exceptional standard, playing to some of the best bars and biggest clubs in the world. To become part of the Club Ready Tribe you must enrol on to the Club Ready DJ School and follow the structured modular course content, together with the recommended optional advanced skills course.  Then comes the fun bit.  Practise, practise, practise! Following completion of the foundation course, you’re invited to submit a mix.  If that mix meets our rigorous standards, you’re then graduated with the option to further progress your skills into the advance stages that really will help you to identify your signature sound.  As well as that, you can start broadcasting a regular show on our station! There really is no better community to help nurture, feedback and encourage your progression and no better place to scout for your future artist/event than the tribe at Club Ready.

Diana Jiminez aka DJ Daya in Miami


Whether you choose a full Club Ready run event or just one of our residents playing at your venue, it doesn’t matter.  If you choose a single artist from our roster, you and they will receive full backing from us.  For us, supporting the tribe is everything.  By extension, that means you too! As a broadcaster and Radio Station, we will offer you engagement, feedback, and crucially; 100% free promotion of your event. This means getting a listing directly on our events page, airtime for your event with connected DJs and genre specific DJs, shoutouts on our socials and notifications to our users via our dedicated apps. We’re like the safety blanket you never knew you needed. Our reputation is built on our community ethos; the support, trust, loyalty, and professionalism we put into everything we do, for you and each other.

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