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How I Mix Techno

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How I Mix Techno

This mix is an exercise in flowing between mainstream techno and more underground techno. I am good friends with the people at Volumo Record Pool and they specialise in helping budding producers, of all genres, get heard and paid for their work. Scroll down for tracks and where to find anmd at the bottom I have included links to my free mini DJ Course.

1. Smash up the Dance – Benji303, Geezer:

2. Overdrive – Charlotte de Witte

3. Mirazh – Thomas Schumacher, A.D.H.S.

4. When I Push – Layton Giordani, Eli Brown, OFFAIAH

5. Fall in Love – Lily Palmer

6. Palm Strings – Bart Skils, Weska

7. Keep on Flying – Gockel

8. Like How you Do It – Tenser

9. Paradise – HI-LO, Danny Avila (ES)

10. Aksijan – Thomas Schumacher, A.D.H.S.

11. Venus – Jay Lumen

12. Hypnotic Trance – Alosoul, Maurice Burgbacher

13. Wiimbo – Heerhorst

14. Look What (Alberto Ruiz 80Monster Remix) – Dubsy

15. Imagine – Mark Reeve

16. Gravity – Space 92

17. Caronte – Yuuta

18. Drop it Down – Joyhauser, Eli Brown

19. Inside – Daniel Sbert, NRICO

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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