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Red Pill Audio Production Network

Club Ready Radio is delighted to share some amazing news regarding our new sponsorship deal from the awesome Red Pill Audio Production Network.

Red Pill is a school for budding music producers, working at the cutting edge of creating brand new and fresh music for the dance music industry.

This sponsorship arrangement will enable our DJs to share a wide range of pre-release multi genre music, direct and exclusive to our listeners. 

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Matt Bowden founder of  Red Pill says “We’ve listened to Club Ready Radio since launch day and they have some quality DJ’s playing some of the best dance tunes out there, we absolutely love what they are doing. To be honest, it was a natural fit to be able to showcase our students’ tracks via the CRR station. To work with people with a natural love of music is essential to us and we can’t wait for the collaboration to get started” 

Dave from Club Ready Radio says ” To work directly with Red Pill and their students gives us a unique oppourtunity to bring the freshest music in the industry direct to our listeners. We are not a commercial station and so are buzzing at the propsect of exclusively showcasing tunes from Red Pill directly from source to our listeners. The whole team at CRR aspire to providing the very best music on offer worldwide to our listeners and this collaboration will certainly bolster that ambition”.

So how do I get involved with Red pill Production Network?

First you jump into the public group THE BLUE PILL. Here you will get public access to the first steps into music production. If you like what you see, you then take the next step and join THE RED PILL. This is where the real fun starts and your full journey into music production to be aired on CLUB READY RADIO.

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Watch this space for big news and producer promos, coming soon

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