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Meet: This is JB

MEET: THIS IS JB MY STORY OF WHY I DJ I have always had a strong passion for music of all kinds, but have never been able to learn to play any instruments, in 1988 I found House music and my love for this genre started to grow, and my

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Meet: Psychebuddha

MEET: PSYCHEBUDDHA IT’S ALL ABOUT THE JOURNEY ! Born in France in 72, I was rocked by the sounds of Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, The Cure and all the cold and new wave stuff. Next came the Acid House era and the Raves. I then started to participate and

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Meet: Pops

MEET: POPS Well, where do we start? Music is an escape it’s a way of distancing yourself for a short period of time from the trials and tribulations of day-to-day issues. It’s no different for me whether singing along in the car to tunes, playing on the radio or in

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Meet: Trams

MEET: TRAMS House, disco, funky, dubby and often dirty beats I’m old enough to have been a budding bedroom DJ in the mid nineties. Armed with a mixer and 2 dubious and not matching home record players, 1 belt driven and 1 mechanical, I learnt  to appreciate all types of

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Meet: Suz-EQ

MEET: SUZ-EQ Young at Heart Being a 1968 baby, my childhood influence was classic 70’s Disco and James Brown, then 80’s New Wave (particularly Duran Duran & Wham).  First club experience was the result of meeting someone at a school party, who insisted they knew a place where I’d prefer

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Meet: My Mate Dave

MEET: MY MATE DAVE Dave Townsend, founder and the energy behind Club Ready Radio Hi my name is Dave Townsend AKA My Mate Dave and I’m a DJ from sunny Cornwall in the UK. I’ve only been DJ’ing for 2 years but have had a love for dance music all

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